Hurstville Museum & Gallery, Sydney NSWAustralia

(Open daily to the public with Covid-19 restrictions)

The Stencil Art Prize is a touring exhibition of the world’s biggest, best and most daring artists that use the technique of cutting stencil layers, and painting a design.


Now exhibiting at Hurstville Museum & Gallery in Sydney, NSW Australia.

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If you missed our Sydney weekend pop up in late 2019 – this is your chance to catch the show. This time we are digging in for a THREE MONTH exhibition at Hurstville Museum & Gallery in Sydney. The Exhibition runs from  6 February  to 2 May 2021.  Entry is free, with COVID-19 safety protocols in place. 

We’ll be announcing an online initiative for our International Audiences to participate in during this Exhibition. So stay tuned for details. Many of the artworks exhibiting are for sale – so if you like what you see, works can be purchased through our website and prices include free shipping anywhere in Australia.


Tuesday – Friday: 10.00am – 4.00pm
Saturday: 10.00am – 2.00pm
Sunday: 2.00pm – 5.00pm

CUT: 10 Years of the Stencil Art Prize

Book launches May 2021

CUT: 10 Years of the Stencil Art Prize is a 188 page hardcover art book that explores the journey of the Stencil Art Prize from a local art prize to an international phenomenon. Featuring interviews with winners, artist profiles and hundreds of stencil art works, CUT digs deep into the world of stencil art. CUT launches in May 2021 and costs $50 AUD.

“The Stencil Art Prize book shows that stencil cannot be described as a style any longer, but as a technique with infinite possibilities. The variety of artworks shown in this work, from pure abstraction to hyperrealism, will help to prove that stencilling is more than just a masking tool to paint over and through. Clearly, stencil art delivers the most beautiful and diverse results, as showcased here. I imagine it was challenging deciding every year, who, among these incredible artists, presented the best artwork.” C215

“This book is an excellent insight into the Australian stencil art movement as well as showcasing some of the best stencil artists from here and abroad. CUT is a 10-year journey from humble beginnings to great successes.” HA-HA

CUT will be shipped to Pozible crowdfund supporters who purchased presale books and we are contacting individual supporters to update postage addresses. Presales are currently open on the link below.




 Congratulations to Edward Woodley from Sydney who has won the 2019 Stencil Art Prize with his artwork ‘Eternal Spirit – 2’ (pictured below). The artwork is stencilled enamel paint on brass sheeting which was then hand bent & distorted, to add a three dimensional quality to the work.


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