EXHIBITING 7 December 2019 – 7 February 2020

Southern Buoy Studios

Mornington (Victoria, Australia)

The Stencil Art Prize is a touring exhibition of the world’s biggest, best and most daring artists that use the technique of cutting stencil layers, and painting a design.

CUT: 10 Years of the Stencil Art Prize

Book presales $50

CUT: 10 Years of the Stencil Art Prize

At $50 CUT: 10 Years of the Stencil Art Prize it will be a high quality pictorial coffee table book with a generous size (28cm x 23 cm) and approximately 140 pages. CUT will feature hundreds of full colour stencil artworks. Plus profiles of some of your favourite artists. The book ships worldwide and will be released in April 2020.


 Congratulations to Edward Woodley from Sydney who has won the 2019 Stencil Art Prize with his artwork ‘Eternal Spirit – 2’ (pictured below). The artwork is stencilled enamel paint on brass sheeting which was then hand bent & distorted, to add a three dimensional quality to the work.



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