David Soukup has won the 2013 Stencil Art Prize ‘World’ Category for the work ‘Vertical Escapism #1’.  So, who is David Soukup?

Image courtesy of Genevieve Brandenburg

David Soukup was born in a small town in Michigan in 1985. He attended Grand Valley State University in Allendale, MI before moving to Chicago to pursue a career in feature film production and as a fine artist.

Vertical Escapism No. 1 by David Soukup, USA

David credits two college professors for turning him onto the stencil medium while pursuing a degree in illustration. Early on, both were able to see his incredible talent for photorealism and extreme attention to detail. Previously, his art was limited to what was possible only with graphite pencils and pens, but spray paint stencils offered him a whole new route of exploration. Drawn to the process, execution, and dedication required, David embraced and immediately began to explore the boundaries of the medium. David was quickly recognized internationally for his stencil works for his finger-numbing precision and perfection.

The urban environment became an immediate focus for David’s work. Living in Chicago, he was surrounded by an endless possibility of inspiration and a city that showcased some of the best architecture in the world. Using elements of graphic design, collage, mixed media, and reclaimed materials, David’s work is a reflection and experience of his everyday life. His work has taken on several themes and approaches, but has recently returned to his original obsession of photo-realism as he begins to document his daily routine and emotional response to the city around him.

Palindrome No. 3 by David Soukup (USA)

His artwork has been shown in Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco, WashingtonDC, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Grand Rapids, St Louis, and Australia. His paintings have been used in numerous film and television productions, and has been featured in Juxtapoz, Hi-Fructose, Artist-a-Day, and many other local and online publications.

David currently resides in Chicago, with his wife in the diverse UkrainianVillage neighborhood. Along with continuing to explore the metropolis around him, he is constantly looking for new opportunities, exhibitions, and adventures.

Convergence No.2 by David Soukup [United States]

David Soukup Biography – Courtesy of www.soukupvisual.com
Photography – Courtesy of Genevieve Brandenburg  http://cargocollective.com/genevievebrandenburg



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