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2019 Stencil Art Prize Entrant Terms and Conditions


By entering the Stencil Art Prize you agree to, and are bound by these Terms and Conditions.

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• The creator of the stencil Work will be known as the Entrant for the purpose of these Terms and Conditions. The Entrant must be the creator and owner of the Work submitted.
• Our definition of a stencil is a template used to draw, paint, cut or make identical letters, symbols, shapes, images or patterns every time it is used.
• We accept screenprints as long as the Entrant consider their Work to be stencils
• You must use a stencil to create the majority of your stencil work.
• Work refers to the stencil art work that the Entrant is entering into the Stencil Art Prize.
• The Stencil Art Prize is run by Sweet Media.
• Exhibiting Venue refers to the nominated Venue or Gallery that is hosting the 2019 Stencil Art Prize. Dates and location of the Exhibiting Venue may change without notice, but all finalists will be given reasonable notice.
• The Entry Form refers to the online Entry Questions and associated instructions which are located at: http://www.stencilartprize.com/how-to-enter/
• The actual physical Work entered into the Stencil Art Prize must not have been previously displayed at an Exhibition, Museum, Gallery, Venue, Competition, Festival or Event. If variations of the same stencil design have been exhibited elsewhere, your Entry will be eligible as long as the Work entered is not identical in design or the same physical Work that has exhibited elsewhere.
• The Stencil Art Prize is an acquisitive art prize. The Winning Work is acquired by Sweet Media and all other Works may be made available by the Artist for sale through our website by their choosing.
• Entrants are required to use their full legal name on the Entry Form, however where a pseudonym is also supplied, only the pseudonym will be publicly released. We respect that some artists may wish to remain completely anonymous, and if this is the case, we suggest finding an alternative art prize to enter.
• Entrant’s personal information will remain confidential to the Stencil Art Prize as outlined in the Finalist Exhibition Agreement which will be sent to the Finalist to sign, and our Privacy Policy.
• When you enter the Stencil Art Prize you agree to sign up to our enewsletter, as we use the Campaign Monitor email platform to communicate with finalists.


• The Stencil Art Prize is a Touring Exhibition. Finalists work will exhibit in the touring Stencil Art Prize Exhibition at no additional cost to the finalist. Finalist artworks will tour in the Stencil Art Prize Exhibition for up to two years. The physical touring work will not be for sale and at the completion of the tour artists will be required to cover return shipping expenses for their work to return to them.
• Finalists may nominate to make ‘Stencil Editions’ (eg painted replicas) of the touring stencil work available for sale through the Stencil Art Prize website. Finalists may also make Prints for sale through our website.
• Finalists will be required to set a flat shipping rate for works for sale, to anywhere in Australia, which will be included in the sale price of works (paintings or prints). The Stencil Art Prize will provide information to international Finalists about how to calculate this shipping rate, and shipping rates must include tracking and insurance. Once Finalists work sells through the Stencil Art Prize website, Finalists will be asked to ship directly to a buyer in Australia. Should an international buyer make an inquiry to purchase work through our website, the Stencil Art Prize will discuss shipping prices with the Finalist directly prior to purchase. Changes have been made to Australia’s Goods & Services Tax (GST) which now affect international shipping prices and we have adjusted our processes to make it easier for international artists to set better prices that help Finalists cover international shipping prices.


• Finalists under the age of 18 will be required to have their parent or legal guardian co-sign an Exhibition Artist Agreement if they are selected as a Finalist.


• The Entry Fee is $40 Australian Dollars inclusive of GST (Goods and Services Tax) and must be paid for each Work entered into the Stencil Art Prize.
• The Early Bird Entry Fee is $40 Australian Dollars inclusive of GST for two Works by an Entrant who has not previously been a Finalist in the Stencil Art Prize. The Early Bird Entry Fee closes on 1 February 2019.
• You may enter as many times as you like, and each entry must be entered separately on individual Entry Forms.
• The Entry Fee is non-refundable.
• The Entry Fee can be paid via Pay Pal.


• Deadline for entries is 1 April 2019.
• Each Entry must address each item in the Entry Form which can be found at www.stencilartprize.com. Incomplete entries may not be processed. The Entry Form, forms part of these Terms and Conditions. Entry is via email.
• You must enter a photograph of the actual completed Work that you wish to exhibit in the Stencil Art Prize. This means that you must complete the stencil painting in its final format before photographing it.
• Photos of street art on walls or surfaces that cannot be transported and exhibited in a gallery will not be accepted.
• Images must be clear and cropped and supplied as high res JPEG or TIFF files, minimum resolution is 1MB. Maximum is 3MB.
• There is no physical minimum Work size. The physical maximum Work size is 120cm x 120cm. If your work is larger, you can contact us to request special consideration for a larger work.
• Upon sending in your Entry and payment you are agreeing to the Stencil Art Prize Terms and Conditions.
• All Works entered into the Stencil Art Prize must have been produced after the 1 January 2018.
• The Stencil Art Prize reserves the right to refuse an Entry or Entrant at the Stencil Art Prize’s discretion.
• Works must be available for exhibition on good quality canvas, material, board or mixed media surface. Works on paper or cardboard must be suitably framed or mounted so that they can be exhibited.
• Staff, sponsors, partners and associates of Stencil Art Prize cannot enter the Stencil Art Prize.


• The Entrant must own copyright for their work.
• Copyright of Finalist and Winning Works will remain with the Entrant. Sweet Media, and any sponsors or partners of the Stencil Art Prize reserve the right to reproduce Finalist or Winning Works for promotional purposes related to the Stencil Art Prize, within reason.
• A Finalist’s Work may be used on Stencil Art Prize merchandise upon the Finalist signing a merchandise agreement. There is no obligation for a Finalist to agree to sign a merchandise agreement.


• All entries will be judged on merit and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the judge’s final decision.
• There is no theme for the Stencil Art Prize.
• Prizes will be announced as they are made available.
• 2019 Judges cannot enter the Stencil Art Prize for the judging round that they are judging.


• If selected as a Finalist, the Entrant agrees to supply their Work on good quality canvas, material, board or mixed media surface. All Work must be supplied ready to hang in the Exhibition.
• Due to space constraints, a selection of finalists only may be exhibited at some venues of the Touring Exhibition.
• Finalists will be announced on the website www.stencilartprize.com in July 2019.
• Finalists may be required to produce proof of identity by way of a current drivers license, passport or other means.
• Finalists will receive email confirmation from the Stencil Art Prize confirming their Finalist status for a selected Work.
• If delivered Work is substantially different from the image of the Work entered into the Stencil Art Prize, a Finalist’s status may be revoked and Work removed from the Stencil Art Prize.


• The winning Work will be acquired by Sweet Media and the winner will receive the cash prize.
• The physical Work which exhibits in the Touring Exhibition will not be for sale. Finalists may choose to make an Edition or Replicas of their work for sale through the Stencil Art Prize website. Finalists will be asked to set a sale price that includes a flat shipping rate to anywhere in Australia. A sales commission will apply. Full details will be outlined in the Finalist Agreement that Finalists are required to sign.
• Finalists are responsible for all costs associated with preparing their Work on good quality canvas, material, board or mixed media surface for the purpose of exhibiting, and all shipping costs to and from the Stencil Art Prize exhibition in Australia.


• International Artists please note that there are strict maximum sizes for sending artworks to Australia through our postal service. Our postal service does not accept large artworks, so you will need to courier your artwork to Australia if it is larger than our postal service maximum size of 100cm in girth, please refer to the Australia Post website for the most current information.
• Larger artworks can be sent by courier.
• The Stencil Art Prize and the Exhibiting Venue will exercise all due care with the finalists Works that are Exhibited but will not be responsible for any loss or damage suffered whatsoever to any Works while in transit or under its control. Entrants are responsible for the insurance of their Work.

The Stencil Art Prize has a number of International Shipping Scholarships available. The Scholarships are designed to help minimize the expenses of shipping international artworks to Australia. These Scholarships apply to artworks that are created on good quality pre-stretched canvas in specific sizes. Artists wishing to apply for the Scholarships will be required to:
Create their artwork to fit one of the two premade stretcher bar sizes that the Stencil Art Prize will supply.

Sizes are: 20 inch by 20 inch (50.8cm x 50.8cm) and 28 inch by 36 inch (71.12cm x 91.44cm). Finalists must leave an additional 2 & ½ inch (6.5cm) blank canvas border on each side of their artwork so allow for wrapping of the canvas onto stretcher bars.

• Works must be painted on a stretched canvas, dried and then unpicked and rolled. Works that are not properly stretched onto primed good quality canvas prior to painting may incur cracking when rolled or during re-stretching. We advise artists to do a test run on a similar painting to gauge suitability of materials and paint for rolling and re-stretching.
• Works with heavy paint layers or mixed media may not be suitable.
• If selected as a Finalist within the International Shipping Scholarship, the Artist will ship their canvas rolled in a poster tube to Australia.
• The Stencil Art Prize will cover the cost of stretching the canvas onto one of the two premade stretcher bar sizes, and cover the cost of the stretcher bars.
At the conclusion of the Exhibition Tour, the work will be unpicked from the stretcher bars and rolled back into the poster tube.
• The Finalist will then cover the return cost of shipping the poster tube to their premises.
• Finalists who receive the International Shipping Scholarship may utilize this service for selling purposes of their work through the Stencil Art Prize website whilst the Touring Exhibition is in progress. For works sold through the International Shipping Scholarship, there will be an additional fee to cover stretching, stretcher bars and shipping direct to the buyer in Australia. Details will be outlined in the Finalist Exhibition Agreement.


• The winner will receive a $10,000 cash prize (Australian Dollars) and the winning artwork will be acquired by Sweet Media.
• The winner will be announced at the opening of the Stencil Art Prize at the Exhibition. Dates and details of the Exhibition and Exhibiting Venue will be published at www.stencilartprize.com
• Details of the Stencil Art Prize Tour Exhibition will be announced online at www.stencilartprize.com as they are made available.
• Additional prizes may be made available throughout the year and details will be published about these on our website.

This page was updated on 1 June 2018.

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