Free iBook available for download through iTunes

The Sydney Stencils eBook steps into the lives of 17 Sydney stencil artists and discover their inspirations, creative techniques, their challenges, who influences them and how they began their stencil making career.

Written by the Director of the Stencil Art Prize, Jacinta Fintan, this free iBook features interviews with Mini Graff, Tiera Boo, E.L.K, Camo, Jackson Farley, TEEM, Shanta, E.L.K, Jenna Bloom, Maria Harding, Ben Rak, Nick Hore, Vector Punk, Abbey Piaud, Soto Smith, Mark Callaghan and Karen Torrisi.

“Visitors to the annual Stencil Art Prize exhibition in Sydney have asked me the same two questions each year: ‘How can we find out more about stencil artists?’ and ‘are there other stencil artists in Sydney?’” says Jacinta. “There is an incredibly vibrant stencil community in Sydney and Australia. I hope this free eBook helps to extend the conversation about it. “

When I was just a little girl in New Zealand I was fascinated with the embossed shapes on our farmhouse wallpaper. I went as far as to colour them in, which my mother wasn’t happy about. Looking back now, my fascination makes perfect sense. It was the beginning of my first installation piece, it was against the rules, I was using a template and it involved textures, stencils and patterns. Mini Graff
For me the process goes like this: This is awesome….. This is tricky….. This is shit…… I am shit…… This might be ok….. This is awesome.’ Luke Cornish aka E.L.K
I really love using an obscene amount of colour and making it work. It is really easy to balance a mainly monochromatic stencil piece but when you start to get thirty plus layers of different colour and some mixed on the same layer you’d better be pretty familiar with colour theory. It is a huge challenge but when it works it’s the best thing, it really makes the work pop. Tiera Boo


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