Stencil Exhibitions September 2015

We have plenty of stencil exhibitions to talk about this September! If you would like to be included in our stencil exhibition listings,  contact us with information about your show (exhibition dates, a description of the show with a URL and an image).

Stencil Exhibition September 2015


Wax the Tips – Mili Vada

17 September 2015 – 01 October 2015
Trondheim Folkebibliotek, Trondheim, Norway

Norwegian stencil artist Mili Vada will be hosting her solo stencil exhibition this September in her homeland of Trondheim, Norway. Mili Vada has exhibited some of her trademark work all over the world, including Australia and America. A self professed fan of stencils and spraypaints, her works are often monochromatic pieces of art. Her artworks are a testament to her powerful talent and this is an exhibition not to be missed. Click here for more news on her stencil exhibition.




Versus the World – group stencil exhibition

11 September 2015
Galeria Kuratorium, Warsaw

2015 Stencil Art Prize finalist Monstfur will be part of a group stencil exhibition in Warsaw in mid September! Their group exhibition is part of the Visegrad Stencil Jam. Monstfur will be exhibiting alongside some of the fantastic artworks of  stencil artists Czarnobyl, M-city, Michal Mraz and Tankpetrol . Monstfur’s works are in the rustic and industrial vein and often portray a bleak but realistic frame of the world. Click here for more news on this group exhibition.

stencil exhibition


Strictly Stencils 3: A Cut Above – group stencil exhibition

26 September 2015
East End Studio Gallery, Houston Texas

Popes with Paint are curating the third Strictly Stencils event at East End Studio Gallery in Houston. This annual exhibition is a celebration of all things stencil art with over 20 artists exhibiting works. Among these artists is our very own 2015 Stencil Art Prize finalist Eins92. Click here for more information on this group exhibition.


Stencil exhibition


LAX/LHR – group exhibition

04 September 2015 – 04 October 2015
Stolen space Gallery, London

This super sized exhibition will be held at Stolenspace from London and they will be co-curating with Thinkspace from Los Angeles. This exhibition is as big as it gets as it features over 130 amazing artists from all over the world such as Snik, Shepard Fairey and c215.  For more information click here.



Brotherhood – group exhibition

12 September 2015 – 10 October 2015
Jonathan Levine Gallery, Manhattan

This group exhibition packs a lot of star power with Yasha Young, who founded and works as Executive Director at Urban Nation Berlin, serving as curator and plenty of high profile artists being in this exhibition. This exhibition will be featuring the evocative and extraordinary works of Anders Gjennestad, Andreas Englund, David Walker, DOTDOTDOT, Ernest Zacharevic, Evoca1, Icy and Sot, James Bullough, Li-Hill, M-City, Nick Walker, Onur, Shepard Fairey, Tankpetrol and Wes21. For more information on this group exhibition, click here.


Stencil exhibition


Everfresh: Open Studio – group exhibition

12 September 2015
Everfresh Studio, Melbourne Australia

They say great things don’t last long and this exhibition is no exception! From 12 to 5 p.m on September 12, Everfresh studio will be opening their doors to the public. Studio artists Rone, Wanderlust, Tooth, Tom Civil, Mayo, Maka and plenty more others will be exhibiting some of their eclectic artworks for your viewing pleasure. Click here fore more information on this group exhibition!


Stencil Exibition



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