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An Arid Legacy by n2o (Australia)
Aerosol on Board (Bass wood)
91.44cm x 91.44cm

Made to Order (3 weeks production time)

This Piece reflects upon the future world we are leaving the current and future generations, “An Arid Legacy”

These clown swings were installed in parks across Melbourne approximately 50 years ago. I played on them as a child in the late 70’s. Since then the world and environment has changed drastically. Watching my kids now play on them now, I wondered what our world and our parks might look like in another 50 years

We seem to go around and around smiling and laughing without a considering how our actions will impact on both the environment and our future generations.

This stencil depicts my fears for an arid future, and I hope, it makes a stark statement on the urgent need to address issues regarding the environment and climate change.

The piece is a 10-layer hand cut stencil completed with acrylic spray paint.


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