2016 Winner - 'Tributo' by Tinku (Guatemala)

 “Let this stencil be a new homage to the life and struggle of the Guatemalan indigenous women, who continue giving us lessons of dignity and courage,” says Tinku. “My father took this photo of a Quiche woman, who walked amidst the morning mist on 16 May 1999.”⁣

The 16 May 1999 marks the date of a constitutional referendum held in Guatemala which included four questions that were suggested in the Peace Accords. Among many objectives, the referendum aimed to prove Guatemala was a “multicultural, multilingual and multiethnic” country

It also sought to reform the role of the army, absolving it of internal security, allowing civilian courts to prosecute common crimes committed by army personnel, and allowing civilian personnel to occupy high positions of the Ministry of Defense. Whilst the No vote won the campaign overall, the Yes vote won regions with the highest indigenous population, consequently, the most affected by State violence during the war.

Tinku’s portrait consists of aerosol on canvas, and also features salt and soil gathered from Bosnia-Herzegovina, South Africa, El Salvador, Guatemala and other places hit by State violence and discrimination.⁣ Tinku is based in Mexico City and has been making stencils since 2012. His work can be found on the walls of Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador. ⁣

Highly Commended

untitled by Mod Cardenas (Guatemala)
Keep your 'lectric eyes on me babe (totem for a starman) by Tiera BOO (Australia)
Vanessa by Mark Callaghan (Australia)


2016 marked the first year that the Stencil Art Prize would embark on touring in Australia. The Exhibition Launched in Sydney as part of the Sydney Fringe Program from the 5 – 25 September 2016 at the Off Broadway Hub (Sydney Fringe Festival venue)
84 finalists exhibited from 25 countries including Argentina, Australia, Canada, Colombia, Czech republic, England, Finland, France, Germany, Guatemala, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Spain, Thailand, the Netherlands, Turkey and the United States.
The Exhibition then toured  11 February – 9 April 2017, at the Flinders University City Gallery in Adelaide in South Australia. 

085c3n3, Austalia
31n60, France
A.Codd, USA
Angus Comyns, Australia
ann CAZ.L, Germany
Art & Dharma, Australia
blank, Australia
Brent Winstone, Australia
Camo, Australia
Campbell La Pun, Japan
Carley Cornelissen, Australia
CAWAMO, Mexico
Chill, Italy
CRISP, Colombia
CRS, Cyprus
David Soukup, USA
DCT46, Spain
DRAHTFUNK, Australia
Ebenholz.STNCL, Germany
El Kartoon, Russia
Elvira Yanushko, Russia
Gembol, New Zealand
Gökhan Civas, Turkey
Gus, Argentina
Headache, Thailand
In The Perimeter, USA
Isaac Trebilco, New Zealand
James Bourbon, Australia
Joey Jeramiah, Australia
Joshua Smith, Australia
Jussi TwoSeven, Finland
just stencil the world, Germany
K024K, Czech Republic
Katherine Jukes, Australia
Keemo, USA
La T’Ash, Netherlands
Lambros, USA
LAPIN, Australia
LBO, France
Leviathan Crew, Czech republic

Lloyd Wright, Australia
Logan Moody, Australia
Luton Shelton, Italy
Luv[Sic], Australia
Marco Moll, Germany
Mark Callaghan, Australia
MASEU, Poland
ME BES, Spain
MEZK, Mexico
Mister Feeney, England
Mod Cardenas, Guatemala
Mr. Prvrt, United States
Nicholas Thomas John, Canada
Ninapaintina, The Netherlands
Opie, England
P0G0, England
Pablo Ursua, Spain
PAWA, Australia
R. Nuage, France
Ralf Kempken, Australia
RDD2, Australia
Red, Italy
Ren NL, The Netherlands
Roc Blackblock, Spain
Rook Rem, Australia
Sale Art, Australia
Scunge, Australia
Shanta, Australia
sputNIK, Australia
Syke, Australia
Taki Myk, Poland
TBIRD, Australia
The Massive, Australia
thirty60, Australia
Tiera Boo, Australia
Tinku, Guatemala
Unify, England
vInk, Australia
VIZA, France
Xayobox, India

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