2015 Winner – ‘GRIME S0-019′ by Monstfur (Poland).

 The hand cut stencil “GRIME S0-019” depicts a skull combined with a train on a vintage wooden door. Monstfur was founded in 2006 by two young artists from Częstochowa in the southern part of Poland. The artists work collaboratively together on their hand cut stencils and describe themselves as” byproducts of modern life and the cultural carrion of generations past”.⁣

They draw inspiration from an absurd sense of Polish humour and frequently depict humans’ curious behaviours and traditions. Monstfur’s works are mostly stories of the everyday man and his world of deviations, habits, and weaknesses, but also – joy and remarkable interests. The artworks evoke their early childhood in the 80s, as well as industrial design, urban dystopia and social infrastructure.⁣

Highly Commended

Retorno by Tinku (Guatemala)
1053 by Losop (Australia)
Frequency Hopping by Tiera Boo (Australia)


The 2015 Stencil Art Prize exhibited 92 artists from 22 countries at aMBUSH Gallery in Sydney from the 16 – 30 October 2015.

Countries represented included Brazil, Japan, Cyprus, Turkey, Colombia, United Kingdom, Chile, Australia, Russia, U.S.A, France, Guatemala Scotland, Canada, Spain, Czech Republic, Thailand, Germany, Norway, Italy, Poland and The Netherlands.

1337, Australia
085c3n3, Australia
2Heads, Australia
31n60, France
AbcArtAttack, USA
Ali, Australia
Andrea Olivieri, Italy
anghi, Australia
Angus Comyns, Australia
Belinda Keyte, Australia
Blake Hopkins, USA
blank, Australia
Brent Winstone, Australia
Brian DeLoncker, USA
CAMO, Australia
Campbell La Pun, Japan
Catman, England
CEN ONE, Germany
Cibalgina, Italy
CRS, Cyprus
D…, Australia
Damien Mitchell, USA
Dave Lowell, USA
David Soukup, USA
DEAKZ, Australia
Drahtfunk, Australia
eins92, Germany
El Kartoon, Russia
Elk Norsman, USA
ELKI, Scotland

Emptyboy, Colombia
Gibrian Foltz, USA
Gökhan Civaş, Turkey
Grafeeney, England
Headache, Thailand
Ignacio Inc, Chile
Jackson Farley, Australia
Jan Olav Forberg, Norway
Jay Hill, USA
Jen Byrne, Australia
Jenna YoNa Bloom, Australia
Jessica Mathews, USA
Joshua Smith, Australia
just stencil the world, Germany
Katherine Jukes, Australia
Lapin, Australia
Leviathan crew, Czech republic
Locke Studios , United States
Logan Moody, Australia
Lone Wolf, Scotland
Losop, Australia
Luton Shelton, Italy
luv[Sic], Australia
Manofdarkness, Australia
Maria Harding, Australia
Mariestyle, Germany
Mark Callaghan, Australia
ME BES, Spain
Miss Meow, Australia

Mr Edwards, Australia
Muiteza, Brasil
Murk, Netherlands
Nicholas Thomas John, Canad
Nina Slaager, The Netherlands
ninjatoker, England
Nufink, Australia
Opie, England
P0G0, England
Pando, Australia
PAWA, Australia
Peak, USA
RD-D2, Australia
REMO, Australia
RenNL, The Netherlands
RMYR, Germany
Salvador Gomez, Spain
Scunge, Australia
Shanta, Australia
Sifud, Brazil
sputNIK, Australia
Stencil King, Netherlands
STEWY, England
TBIRD, Australia
Tiera Boo, Australia
Tinku, Guatemala
Vink, Australia
Viza, France
Zennie McLoughlin, Australia

2015 Finalists



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