2013 Winners - Australian and World Categories

2013 Winner – Past Futures by Ralf Kempken, (Australian Category).⁣

Ralf Kempken’s incredible 3D stencil work ‘Past Futures’ has taken out the prize for a second year in a row and is the only artist to have ever won two consecutive years. ⁣Created using a number of painstakingly prepared, hand-carved paper stencils produced using a simple scalpel, the winning work is an engaging optical illusion as well as an engrossing work of art. Intended as daily reminders that we have a conscious choice in how to look at the world around us, the artist’s screens filter all we see through past experiences and memories. An evolution of the stencil as a tool to produce a painting, Kempken’s unique creations turn the stencil into the artwork itself.⁣

2013 Winner – Vertical Escapism No. 1 by David Soukup, USA (world category)

David Soukup is a spray paint stencil artist living and working in Chicago, IL. Each painting is produced by a precise layering of stencils, meticulously cut by hand, and applied using layers of spray paint. 

Soukup’s paintings combine visual elements of graphic design and collage with the tactile elements of paint and reclaimed materials to create decidedly urban motifs. The resulting latticework of iron bars and shadows echoes the visual experience of his everyday life, and reflects his obsession with meticulous detail.⁣


The 2013 Stencil Art Prize was held from the 16 – 27 October 2013, at the Chrissie Cotter Gallery, Pidcock Street, Camperdown Sydney Australia. The Exhibition featured 57 stencil artists from 10 countries including Australia, New Zealand, The Netherlands, USA, UK, Italy, Germany, Malaysia, South Africa and Brazil.

This was the first year the Prize had accepted international entries – changing its name from Australian Stencil Art Prize to the Stencil Art Prize. Consequently there were two categories and two winners – Australian and World Categories. In following years the Prize moved to just one category and one winner. 

1337, Australia
23rd Key, Australia
Alex Hamilton, South Africa
Angus Comyns, Australia
ARTby2Heads, Australia
Ben Rak, Australia
BOO, Australia
cutanddestroy, USA
Dan Mansutti, Australia
David Soukup, USA
Drahtfunk, Australia
Earwig, Australia
EL LOBO, Australia
Frae, Australia
Fryed Art, USA
Harrie Sengers, Australia
Iinke, Australia
Jay Medlen, Australia
Johnman, UK
just stencil the world, Germany
Kelly Sullivan, Australia
koleszar, USA
La T’Ash, Netherlands

Logan Moody, Australia
Losop, Australia
Lynx & Little Hawk, Australia
Man Of Darkness, Australia
Maria Harding, Australia
MIss Meow, Australia
NEWBER, Brazil
Nicholas Humble, New Zealand
Nightwatcher, Malaysia
Nls Westgergard, USA
PAWA,  Australia
Peter Flanagan,  Australia
Poncho Army, Australia
Psalm, Australia
Ralf Kempken, Australia
RD – D2,Australia
Rehgan De Mather, Australia
REM, Australia
Ren NL,The Netherlands
Rustopolis, Australia
seiLeise, Germany
SHANTA, Australia
Shevaun Wright, Australia
Sittoula Sitlakone, Australia
thirty60, Australia
Xian, Australia

2013 Finalists



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