We’re proud to introduce the artist who beat out 91 finalists from 21 countries to take out this year’s Stencil Art Prize, Monstfur. Hailing from Poland, Monstfur is an artist group whose artworks are characterized by an organic relationship between the urban dystopian threads of their art and the disparate locations in which you will find their artwork. Their stencil art prize-winning artwork GRIME S0-019(first image) is a prime example of this. We recently caught up with this enigmatic group to find out what they have to say:

GRIME S0-019 by MONSTFUR (Poland)

Q: Monstfur, can you describe to us the feeling of having won the stencil artist prize this year?

It’s incredible. We’ve never felt this way before. It is a great honor for us! Stencil Art Prize is one of the biggest events in the world of competitions associated with street art. To this day, we do not believe that we won.

Q: Can you tell us what your artwork is about?

The artwork is a personification of life and death itself. It shows on one surface death of rusting machine and rotting of biological tissue. We are looking for connections between these processes.

Q:Can you tell us what your stencil art techniques behind your artworks were?

The secret of our technique lies in the fact that everything we do is cut by hand.

This means that we can be precise in what we do. In addition, it allows us to achieve a unique structure, a structure that helped us win this prize.

Q: As the Stencil Art Prize winner, what does the future hold for you?

This award is for us a very important signal to act more boldly abroad. This award has given us the opportunity and the courage to do so.

Q:Tell us what you’ve learnt during your time in this year’s Stencil Art Prize?

We have learned that you have to stubbornly stay the path. After overcoming all the difficulties, at the end, there are rewards waiting for you.

Check out Monstfur’s website here.



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