Our friends at Vantage Point Radio catch up with the enigmatic Iranian stencil duo, Icy and Sot. The sibling duo share their experiences of what it was like to live in Iran as rebellious young graffiti artists in contrast to their more recent successes as well known stencil artists in Europe and America.

Drawing inspiration from their unorthodox personal experiences and from political and social issues, Icy and Sot also divulge their insights of life in the New York art scene and living in Brooklyn as political asylum seekers.

This sibling team also takes us through their interesting art process, their current projects and enlighten us as to just how hard it is, and how long it takes, to create stencil murals that are often multiple stories high.

It is interesting to note from this conversation that their ascent into the limelight has been defined by their resolve to remain innovative and ambitious.

With multiple jaw dropping projects behind them, a wealth of incredible stories under their belts, and current artworks making huge waves in the art world, it is easy to see why they are amongst the some of the biggest names in the stencil art world. Read more about Icy & Sot here



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