How to ship artwork to Australia

How to ship artwork to Australia

Entrants do not need to ship their artworks to the Stencil Art Prize when they enter. Entrants should attach a digital photo of their completed stencil painting to their entry email.

However if you are selected as a Finalist you will need to ship your artwork to Sydney Australia at your own expense.

There are two main ways to ship artworks to Australia – through the Post and through a Courier Service.


Postal Service

Australia’s postal service is called Australia Post. They have strict maximum sizes for parcels and packages. The current maximum size is measured in “girth” (or circumference) which works out at a maximum girth size of 100cm.

Sending artwork through the post is usually a cheaper option. We’ll keep your packaging and if your artwork does not sell, we’ll organise return postage for your artwork (we usually ask artists to deposit the return postage cost into our paypal account).

Please check Australia Posts website for more information about sending international parcels to Australia here.

The formula for working out the girth of your parcel is:

Width + height x 2 = girth

For example: 30cm + 20cm 
= 50cm x 2 
= 100cm girth


Courier Service


Depending on the size of your artwork and the company that you choose,  this can work out to be an expensive option.

If your artwork is 70cm in either dimension, you probably won’t be able to send their artwork through Australia Post.

One of our sponsors Matilda Framers have a special stretching deal for Stencil Art Prize Finalists who wish to send larger canvases rolled up in a tube to Australia. Details of this special deal are as follows:

Matilda Framers_web 2016

Matilda Stretching Package  – roll and send



Matilda’s Framers in Sydney have a special stretching package for 2017 Stencil Art Prize Finalists to help keep shipping costs down for artists.

Rolling canvases can help keep shipping costs down for large canvases, as well as avoid the delays associated with wood stretchers and customs declarations.

Matilda stretching package includes:

  • Stretching onto a 30mm deep stretcher bar
  • Artwork prepared for exhibition hanging
  • Delivery from Matilda’s to Stencil Art Prize
  • Unpick service (for artworks that do not sell)

Cost in Australian Dollars:

1000mm x 700mm – $155.00

1300mm x 1000mm – $199.00

1600mm x 1300mm – $245.00
Finalists who wish to use this service will be required to:

  • Paint their stencil onto a stretched mounted canvas
  • Use a good quality canvas
  • Unpick their canvas and roll and send to Matilda’s

Please note:

Artists who use mixed media paints or use a lot of stencil layers should test out a trial canvas to see how their paint and layers react to being rolled and re-stretched before booking this service.

Artists will need to cover the cost of sending their artworks to Matilda’s and the Matilda stretching costs. Artists will need to cover the return cost of shipping their rolled canvas back to them if it does not sell. The Stencil Art Prize will keep original packaging and contact finalists to organise return of their rolled canvases.

Additional information will be supplied to artists about the Matilda Stretching Package in the Finalist Information Kit when Finalists have been selected.

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