How to ship artwork to Australia

How to ship artwork to Australia

Entrants do not need to ship their artworks to the Stencil Art Prize when they enter. Entrants should attach a digital photo of their completed stencil painting to their entry email.

However if you are selected as a Finalist you will need to ship your artwork to Australia at your own expense.

There are two main ways to ship artworks to Australia – through the Post and through a Courier Service.

International artists are now eligible to apply for the International Shipping Scholarship to help lower the cost of shipping their artworks to Australia. Conditions apply, please see below.

Postal Service

Australia’s postal service is called Australia Post. They have strict maximum sizes for parcels and packages. The current maximum size is measured in “girth” (or circumference) which works out at a maximum girth size of 100cm.

Sending artwork through the post is usually a cheaper option. We’ll keep your packaging and if your artwork does not sell, we’ll organise return postage for your artwork (we usually ask artists to deposit the return postage cost into our paypal account).

Please check Australia Posts website for more information about sending international parcels to Australia here.

The formula for working out the girth of your parcel is:

Width + height x 2 = girth

For example: 30cm + 20cm 
= 50cm x 2 
= 100cm girth


Courier Services


Depending on the size of your artwork and the company that you choose,  this can work out to be an expensive option.

If your artwork is 40cm in either dimension, you probably will probably have to courier your artwork to Australia.


International Shipping Scholarship

The Stencil Art Prize has a number of International Shipping Scholarships available. The Scholarships are designed to help minimize the expenses of shipping international artworks to Australia.

How to Apply

To apply for the scholarship you need to create your specifications listed on this page and answer the questions about the International Shipping Scholarship in the standard entry form here.

These Scholarships apply to artworks that are created on good quality pre-stretched primed canvas in specific sizes. Artists wishing to apply for the Scholarships will be required to create their artwork to fit one of the two premade stretcher bar sizes that the Stencil Art Prize will supply.

Factors taken into consideration for the International Shipping Scholarship include the country of origin, expenses in shipping from country of origin to Australia and merits of the artwork itself.

Sizes are:


  • 20 inch by 20 inch (50.8cm x 50.8cm)
  • 28 inch by 36 inch (71.12cm x 91.44cm).

Finalists must leave an additional 2 & ½ inch (6.5cm) blank canvas border on each side of their artwork so allow for wrapping of the canvas onto stretcher bars.

Artwork checklist:


  • Good quality canvas is pre-stretched
  • Canvas primed
  • Painting created on canvas while it is stretched
  • We recommend running a test on a stencil to check how the artwork reacts to being rolled and then restretched.

More information about how International Shipping Scholarships work:

  • Artworks (Works) must be painted on a stretched canvas, allowed to dry and then unpicked and rolled. Works that are not properly stretched onto primed good quality canvas prior to painting may incur cracking when rolled or during re-stretching.
  • We advise artists to do a test run on a similar painting to gauge suitability of materials and paint for rolling and re-stretching.
  • Works with heavy paint layers or mixed media may not be suitable.
  • If selected as a Finalist within the International Shipping Scholarship, the Artist will ship their canvas rolled in a poster tube to Australia.
  • The Stencil Art Prize will cover the cost of stretching the canvas onto one of the two premade stretcher bar sizes, and cover the cost of the stretcher bars.
  • At the conclusion of the Exhibition Tour, the work will be unpicked from the stretcher bars and rolled back into the poster tube.
  • The Finalist will then cover the return cost of shipping the poster tube to their premises.
  • Finalists who receive the International Shipping Scholarship may utilize this service for selling purposes of their work through the Stencil Art Prize website whilst the Touring Exhibition is in progress.
  • For works sold through the International Shipping Scholarship, there will be an additional fee to cover stretching, stretcher bars and shipping direct to the buyer in Australia. Details will be outlined in the Finalist Exhibition Agreement.
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