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The 10th Stencil Art Prize Exhibition will be held from the 12 to 23 September 2019 at Gaffa Gallery in Sydney and then the exhibition go will tour to Regional Galleries around Australia for a period of up to two years.

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$10,000 Cash Prize

Finalists and the winning artwork will exhibit in 2019 at the Gaffa Gallery 12 – 23 September in Sydney. The winner will receive a $10,000 cash prize (Australian Dollars).The Stencil Art Prize is an acquisitive prize, which means that the winning artwork is acquired and kept by the Stencil Art Prize. The winner of the $10,000 cash prize will be selected by our judges Jess Scully and Tristan Chant.

Deadline for Entries – 1 April 2019


How to enter

1]. Pay the $40 entry fee on the payment page here (payment is via Pay Pal).
2]. Copy and paste the Entry Questions (see below) into the body of an email and answer all of the questions
3]. Attach a high resolution image of your completed stencil painting (on canvas, board or mixed media material) as a JPG or TIFF file (1MB – 3MB)
4]. If you are entering multiple entries, you may make one payment transaction to cover the entry fees,  however you MUST send each entry in a seperate email.
5]. Email your entry to entry [at] stencilartprize [dot] com
6.] The deadline for entries is 1 April 2019.
International artists wishing to apply for the International Shipping Scholarship (should they be selected as a finalist) will be required to ensure their artwork meets the specified sizes. The Scholarship enables artists to send rolled canvas artworks in poster tubes to Australia and the Stencil Art Prize will cover the cost of stretching the artwork onto premade stretcher bars. This will substantially reduce shipping costs of international artworks. Read about the sizes and entry instructions here.

Once we have processed your payment, we will send you an email confirming that we have processed your entry.



You can read these here.

Key points include:

    • Maximum size for artworks is 120cm x 120cm. We can accept larger pieces, however you should contact us first regarding larger works before entering.
    • The Stencil Art Prize is an acquisitive prize, which means that we keep the winning artwork. The winner will receive a $10,000 cash prize (Australian Dollars)
    • Entry costs $40 per artwork (Australian Dollars).
    • Artists must own copyright for their artwork. Copyright remains with the artist.
    • The actual physical painting that is exhibited and on tour at the Stencil Art Prize will not be available for sale and artists will be responsible for return shipping at the conclusion of the touring period. Finalists may choose to sell stencil editions / replica stencils of their touring work through our website www.stencilartprize. Artists may also sell prints of the touring work through our website.
    • In 2019 we are making changes to the way artworks are sold through our website. Finalists will set a sale price inclusive of a flat shipping fee to anywhere in Australia for works sold through our website. We will assist Finalists with information on how to set the flat shipping fee to ensure that they allow for the Goods and Services Tax (10%) when shipping into Australia from overseas. Once payment from buyers is received through our website, Finalists will ship directly to Australian buyers. We will discuss international buyer queries with Finalists directly and liase with the Finalist and buyer regarding shipping costs.
    • Finalist artworks may go out tour for up to two years after the Sydney Exhibition. Details of tours will be included in a Finalist Exhibition Agreement if you are selected as a finalist.
    • Finalists must cover the cost of shipping their artwork to and from Australia.If you’re concerned about shipping costs, consider entering a small artwork (under 25cm x 25cm) that can be sent through the post. We’ve got some info here on this subject
    • Finalists are now eligible to apply for an International Shipping Scholarship to lower the cost of shipping their artwork to and from Australia. Finalists must create their artwork to “set sizes” to be eligible. Finalist canvases can be unpicked and rolled and sent to Australia and we will cover the cost of stretching the painting onto premade stretcher bars at no cost. You can read about the International Shipping Scholarship here.
    • Artworks must not have exhibited in other exhibitions, competitions, festivals etc before. However a variation of a work will be accepted, as long as it is not identical in design or the same physical stencil.
    • Entrants must submit a photograph of their completed stencil painting. Computer generated images of the stencil that you intend to paint will not be accepted.


Please ensure that you read all of the Terms and Conditions before entering. 


Copy and paste the below questions into the body of an emailAnswer ‘yes’ next to the relevant fields and answer all sections with an *asterix.




First Name:*

Family Name:*

Artist Pseudonym:
If pseudonym is supplied, you will only be referred to by your  pseudonym in public materials

Do you agree to the Terms & Conditions here*: Yes/ No

Payment Amount:*

Payment Method:*

Email address linked to your PayPal account (as this is how we identify your payment):*

Are you over 18?:* Yes/No

Year of birth if under 18:

Email Address for Art Prize correspondence:*

Postal Address:*





Country of Birth:*



Brief Artist Bio:*

How long have you been an artist?:*

How did you find out about this art prize?:*

If selected as a finalist, do you wish to have your contact details  shared with media so that they may contact you directly?:*  YES / NO

Are you applying for the International Shipping Scholarship? YES /NO

N.B If you are applying for the limited number of International Shipping Scholarships – your work must be either 20 inch by 20 inch (50.8cm x 50.8cm) or 28 inch by 36 inch (71.12cm x 91.44cm) and have a 2 & 1/2 inch blank border to allow wrapping over stretcher bars. You MUST READ AND COMPLY WITH THE SPECIFICATIONS HERE to be eligible for consideration of this scholarship.



Title of Stencil Artwork:*

Artwork Height (height in cm):*

Artwork Width (width in cm):*

Brief description of your stencil:*

My stencil painting is on:*
– Canvas
– Board (ply, wood etc)
– Found object
– Mixed Media
– Other (please detail)

The stencil was created using:*
– Spray Paint
– Oil Paint
– Watercolour Paint
– Acrylic Paint
– Fabric
– Crayons, Pencils, Permanent Makers, etc
– Other:

Stencil image originated from:*
– Hand drawn image by me
– Hand drawn image by someone else  – I have permission to use it*: Yes/No
– Photograph that I took
– Photograph that someone else took  – I have permission to use it*: Yes /No
– Image from Google
– Other (please detail)

Which stencil methods did you use:*
– Stencil layers computer generated
– Stencil layers hand drawn
– Stencil hand cut
– Stencil machine cut
– Stencil laser cut
– Screen printing
– Digital print
– Other (please detail)

3. Attach Your Stencil image to this email:*

Attach a high resolution image (between 1mb and 3mb – JPG, JPEG or TIFF)

4. Image declaration*

The attached image is a photograph of the finished stencil painting that I will  exhibit if selected as a finalist:*  YES / NO

5.  You may be required to provide proof of creating the stencil.

Which of the following can you supply if required:

– Images of the stencil in creation:
– Images of the stencil cut outs:
– A backlog of artworks that demonstrate your creative style:


Send your email, including payment details and stencil image attachment to entry [at] stencilartprize [dot] com by the 1 April 2019.

Contact us here if you have any questions.

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