Entry tips for Art Prizes

Mark Callaghan stencil

Entry Tips for Art Prizes


1. Take a good photo of your stencil painting.
You don’t need an expensive camera. A high resolution photo from a smart phone is suitable. Make the effort to take the photo in good lighting – not too dark and not too much glare. Don’t use a flash! Try photographing your artwork at different times during the day. If you are framing your artwork – photograph it BEFORE you frame it. Label your image with your Artist Name.
2. Submit an accurate image of your completed stencil artwork. We understand that the final photograph may need some colour correcting to get the whites white and the blacks blacks. But don’t over do it.
3. Answer all of the questions from the Entry Page.
4. Write a brief artist bio. There are some tips here.
5. Consider the cost of shipping your artwork to Australia before you choose to create your artwork and enter via email. If you are selected as a Finalist you will need to cover the cost of shipping. We have a shipping scholarship for international artists that helps keen the cost of shipping down for artworks in specific dimensions. You can read about the scholarship here.
6. Read the Terms and Conditions page prior to entering.
7. Take the time to measure your artwork size correctly. Don’t guess.
8. Be original and genuine. The Stencil Art Prize embraces a diverse range of artists working within the stencil definition.
9. Set aside time to write description about your artwork. Tell us about the inspiration behind the artwork, what the artwork means or what you hope to convey through the artwork.
10. Submit your entry by the deadline.
Want to see some of the artists from the Stencil Art Prize? Check out our Instagram page.

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