Entries for the 2019 Stencil Art Prize have now closed. We’ll be announcing the Finalists on our website and social media on the 1 June 2019.

The Stencil Art Prize is a touring exhibition of the world’s biggest, best and most daring artists that use the technique of cutting stencil layers, and painting a design.

This grassroots art form has undergone a resurgence in recent decades and is now thriving on the streets in every country around the globe. Edgy, political, cheeky and pop-culture inspired – the technique lends itself to a sense of wonder and intrigue. How was the stencil made and what does it mean?

The Stencil Art Prize began in 2009 with a start up grant from Marrickville Council and has continued to grow with support from the global stencil community, participating galleries and sponsors. Beginning as an Australian-only exhibition, the Prize moved to accept international artists in response to a strong demand in 2013.

Our annual stencil event is the largest and longest running stencil event on the globe. Each year, we exhibit the most innovative, inspiring, challenging and captivating stencil artworks. Collectively our finalists push the boundaries of the “stencil definition” each year as they develop new stencil techniques, messages, materials and technology. From photo realist stencils involving dozens of layers- to intricate hand cut stencils on delicate paper – the Stencil Art Prize is the authority on all things ‘stencil art’.



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