Here’s a sneak peek at Brian DeLoncker 2014 Stencil Art Prize Finalist. Brian is an American stencil artist who has been making stencils for four years. His portrait musician ‘Dallas Green’ is comprised of 12 detailed layers.

Dallas Green by Brian DeLoncker [USA]

“I’m  drawn to all things creative (photography, artwork, interior design)” says Brian. ” I never found my place until I stumbled upon stencil art.  My first poor attempt at stencil art was inspired by a need to fill up some wall space along with a love for the work of Banksy.  Each painting after provided lessons on what works and what doesn’t, shortcuts to take, and better ways to do things. Seeing the works of other artists like E.L.K and Logan Hicks created this passion and drive to push the level of detail and size of my work. My paintings typically center around portraits.

There is something fulfilling about targeting all those little details that make someone unique and recognizable: a scar on the cheek, a birthmark off the nose, tattoos. Just as those details add to the layers of our individuality, capturing them in my work makes every picture personal. You see the things about them that play a supporting part, but never the lead.  Paying attention to those details forges this connection between myself and my paintings.”

Watch Brian DeLoncker 2014 Stencil Art Prize Finalist create this stencil portrait in time lapse video:



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