Artist Profile – Fergie Stencils

Interview with 2017 Finalist, Fergie Stencils (Australia)

How did you get into making stencil art?

I first started stencil art in high school, at the time I started to make longboards because I could not afford to purchase decks from established companies and I had only just got into longboarding/skateboarding. Once I got a hang of making the boards and started making some for friends. I wanted to figure out a way of doing graphics for them. This is what led me to stencil art, the few first graphics I did were very simple and I found the stencils themselves on google images. To do the first few stencils, I would cover the board in masking tape, trace the stencil design onto the tape and cut it out directly on the board, then peel the tape off where the paint needed to go. Then once the paint was dry I would peel the rest of the tape off. This method gave my stencil crisp lines but limited me to mostly single layer stencils. As I got more into the art side of things, I started cutting my stencils from card and doing multi-layer stencils which I created myself and then eventually started painting on canvas towards the end of high school.

How would you describe your style of art?

I would describe my style of art as realistic? I guess, I mainly paint portraits of people, as I have always found it the most rewarding, I love seeing the layers of the painting build up and become someone. On their own each layer doesn’t look like much, but when they are combined they can become an almost photo realistic image. People have always been my favourite thing to paint, probably because everyone’s face is different, so it never feels monotonous it always a different experience when cutting the stencils. When I first started my paintings were more simplistic, however I feel like I’m always managing to just get that bit more detail into each painting I do.

What are your goals and ambitions?

At the present moment, I would say my goals and ambitions are quite simple. I would like to just continue painting and to try some new things when it comes to stencilling, for example as of late I have been doing more coloured works rather than just greyscale. I’d also love to start doing some more large scale art. Other than that, I would love to get my artworks into more exhibitions, as I have only done a few showcases so far and I would love to get to the point where I can support myself completely from just art.

What is the hardest part and best part about being an artist?

Probably the hardest part of being an artist is trying to get sales, most of the paintings I do are commissions however I want to branch away from doing celebrity portraits and do more paintings like my entry for this years Stencil Art Prize.

The best part of being artist, and more specifically a stencil artist is after the hours and hours I put into cutting out the stencils, is when you start to paint the stencils and see the layers build up and turn into the final product, it makes all the hard work put into the cutting out the stencils worthwhile and feels very rewarding in the end.

Where do you see yourself in five year’s time?

In five year’s time, I see myself still cutting out stencils, hopefully having art in more galleries and being an artist full time, but who knows it’s five years anything could happen.

What inspires you?

I wouldn’t say there is anyone thing that inspires me, but when working on some paintings the cutting out of the stencils can be frustrating and literally painful to a degree until I actually paint them. Seeing the final painting is what inspires me to do it all over again and again.

Which artists inspire you most and why?

When I first started stencilling like most people, I found Bansky and his work inspiring, he was one of my first introductions to stencilling. Some other artists who I currently love include SNIK, Alexander Codd and fin dac. SNIK and A.Codd are also stencil artists, but each have their own definitive style, so that when you see one of their works you can tell its theirs. I love the scale on which SNIK creates their stencils, from reasonably small canvases to massive walls, and all their work is consistent in style and quality. A.Codd’s paintings vary in style from his super detailed works to his more abstract ones, I find his abstract style super interesting and haven’t seen anything else like it from another stencil artist. I find fin dac and his art inspiring purely because it stunning, his murals also have a distinct style and I’m always keen to see what he is doing next.

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A Beautiful Kind of Darkness by Fergie Stencils
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Aerosol on Canvas, 61 x 91.5 cm

A Beautiful Kind of Darkness

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