Stencil Art Prize Winners

Stencil Art Prize Winners



2017  Jana & Js, Austria –  ” ‘I wish everybody knew”

I wish everybody knew
Highly Commendeds:

MOZ from Italy for ‘Backdoor”

Katherine Jukes from Australia for “More Trash”

Justinas Zozo from Lithuania for “King Fisher”



2016 Winner – Tinku, Guatemala- ‘Tributo’



Highly Commendeds:

Mod Cardenas, Guatemala

Tiera Boo, Australia

Mark Callaghan, Australia


2015 – Monstfur, Poland – ‘GRIME S0-019′


Highly Commendeds: 

Tinku, Guatemala – ‘Retorno’

Tiera Boo, Australia – ‘Frequency Hopping’

Losop, Australia – ‘1053’


2014 – 23rd Key, Australia – ‘Duality’

23rd Key stencil
Highly Commendeds: 

Tinku, Guatamela – ‘La Espera’

Monstfur, Poland – ‘EXTRASTAINLESS2’

Tiera Boo, Australia – ‘Love and a 45’



2013 Winner – AUSTRALIAN CATEGORY :  Ralf Kempken  – ‘Past Futures’



2013 Winner WORLD CATEGORY: David Soukup, USA –  ‘Vertical Escapism No. 1’



2012 Winner Ralf Kempken, Australia – ‘Formative’ (Australian entrants only)



2011 Winner Stencil Art Prize – 23rd Key, Australia  – ‘Game Face’ (Australian only entrants)

23rd Key


2010 Winner – ELK , Australia – ‘Saul Williams’ (Australian only entrants)




2009 Winner – Miss Link, Australia – ‘Nesting’ (Australia only entrants)


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