Our Stencil Art Prize Winners

The winners of the Stencil Art Prize include Miss Link, E.L.K, 23rd Key, Ralf Kempken, David Soukup and Monstfur. The Stencil Art Prize was previously known as the Australian Stencil Art Prize, in 2013 the prize expanded to include international artists and was renamed the Stencil Art Prize.


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2015 Stencil Art Prize Winner – MONSTFUR

16 – 30 October 2015
Exhibited at Ambush Gallery in Sydney Australia

Congratulations to Monstfur from Poland who has won the 2015 Stencil Art Prize.

2015 Winner, Monstfur, received a $3000 cash prize and a Stencil Art Prize Award Plate by Royal Doulton featuring Pure Evil’s Marilyn MarleneDali design.

Monstfur was founded in 2006 by two young artists from Częstochowa in the southern part of Poland. The artists work collaboratively together on their hand cut stencils and describe themselves as” byproducts of modern life and the cultural carrion of generations past”.

They draw inspiration from an absurd sense of Polish humour and frequently depict humans’ curious behaviours and traditions.

Monstfur’s works are mostly stories of the everyday man and his world of deviations, habits, and weaknesses, but also – joy and remarkable interests. The artworks evoke their early childhood in the 80s, as well as industrial design, urban dystopia and social infrastructure.

Monstfur (pictured at top in disguise) stencils have been exhibited around the world in Sydney, Berlin, Paris, Stockholm and throughout Poland. Their work is held in numerous private collections and can be found on the streets in Poland. Monstfur received a Highly Commended for the 2014 Stencil Art Prize. Visit Monstfur’s website here.

Three Highly Commendeds were also awarded on the night to Tinku (Guatemala, below top left), Tiera Boo (Australia, below top right) and Losop (Australia, below bottom).




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