2017 Stencil Art Prize Finalists Announced

Elvira Yanushko stencil

Finalists Announced!

Showcasing 67 stencil artists from 25 countries, the Stencil Art Prize is the world’s largest stencil event. Influenced by the ephemeral nature of street art, these stencil-based works blend pop-culture imagery and global politics to highlight the growing concerns of a socially engaged generation of artists.

Our artists encompass nearly every stencil making method on the planet including hand drawn and hand cut stencils, computer generated stencil layers, silk screen stencils and screen printing processes, collage and mixed media stencils, spray paint techniques, water colour, ink and more.

Join us for drinks on Friday 8 September at 6pm as we announce the $5000 cash prize winner at the Exhibition Launch. The Exhibition continues until 17 September 2017. RSVP here.

Entry is free and everyone is welcome. Artworks and print editions of the stencils will be for sale at www.stencilartprize.com and the Exhibition. Subscribe to our enewsletter for updates on artwork sales here.

Jana and JS stencil
David Soukup stencil
Katherine Jukes stencil
Moz Stencil
Elvira Yanushko stencil
Mue BON stencil
Stephen Quick stencil
Just stencil the world stencil
Fergie Stencils
vivian messimeris stencils
Blake Hopkins stencil
Crisp stencil
Alexios Avlamis stencil
Kirpy stencil
Lloyd Wright stencil
Justinas Zozo stencil
Mark Callaghan stencil
MEZK stencil
Catherine McMillan stencil
Taki Myk stencil
Raizes (or Roots) stencils
CRS stencil
Dotmasters stencil
DCT46 stencil
Benjamin stencil
Headache stencil
085c3n3 stencil
Brent Winstone stencil
Nev Sety stencil
Vink stencil
Afshid stencil
OTC stencil
Miss Meow stencil
Brenton Mitchell stencil
Sputnik stencil
Angus Comyns stencil
Campbell La Pun stencil
Samuli stencil
Camo stencil
Reagan De Maher stencil
Rebelarmyman stencil
Angus Comyns stencil
tbC stencil
PAWA stencil
Drahtfunk stencil
CAZ_L Stencil
Hugo Gerez stencil
Oink stencil
Belinda Keyte Stencil
Byrd stencil
13. ELLE48
Benjamin stencil
Nicholas Thomas John stencil
Sputnik stencil zebras
Eamon stencil
David Grieves stencil
amorfart stencil
Shanta stencil
Tbird stencil
Mister Edwards stencil
Julie Hickson stencil
Sarita stencil
Jenna Bloom stencil
Jokady stencil
Joel Hart Stencil
skmv stencil
JOGO stencil

I wish everybody knew by Jana & JS (Austria)

Palindrome No. 3 by David Soukup (USA)

More Trash by Katherine Jukes (Australia)

Backdoor by Moz (Italy)

RUSSIAN ANTHILL by Elvira Yanushko (Russia)

TV Man!!! by Mue Bon (Thailand)

Like Me by Stephen Quick (England)

Infestation by Just stencil the world (Germany)

A Beautiful Kind of Darkness by Fergie Stencils (Australia)

Women of Kobane #13 by Vivian Messimeris (Australia)

Cara by Blake Hopkins (USA)

I have a very bad feeling about this by CRISP (Australia)

Meeting you was fate by Alexios Avlamis (Greece)

Sydney Road by Kirpy (Australia)

Please, talk about me! by Lloyd Wright (Australia)

King Fisher by Justinas Zozo (Lithuania)

Distorted Reflections by Mark Callaghan (Australia)

Lucharan dedos a tres caidas... by MEZK (Mexico)

Bad Boys by Catherine McMillan (USA)

Skull Deconstruction by Taki Myk (Poland)

Nin(a) by Raizes ( or Roots) (Brazil)

Maria Magdalene by CRS (Cyprus)

4' of trash by Dotmastors (England)


David 2.0 by DCT46 (Spain)

Our Ghosts by Benjam (USA)

The World Standard by Headache (Thailand)

Creepy Cute-ism by 085c3n3 (Australia)

Mind Map by Brent Winstone (Australia)

GTFO by Nev Sety (AUstralia)


Tablet MMXV by Afshid (Iran)

Pathfinder by OTC (Australia)

Untitled by Miss Meow (Australia)

Tether by Brenton Mitchell (Australia)

Rolling bear by sputNik (Australia)

Be Power Full by Angus Comyns (Australia)

LV Banana - Candy by Campbell La Pun (Japan)

Love never dies by Samuli Suonpera (Finland)

E. Walker – Criminal Record Number 605LB by Camo (Australia)

See None, Hear None, Speak None ( i & iii ) by Rehgan De Mather (Australia)

Noh Feelings by Rebelman★Army (Japan)

Live and own your life by Angus Comyns (Australia)

Nola by Mister Feeney (England)

The Art of Conversation by tbC (Australia)

We Can Work It Out by PAWA (AUstralia)

State of Mind by DRAHTFUNK (Australia)

Ponte City by ann CAZ.L (Germany)

The Monk by Hugo Gerez (Argentina)

End of the Monnow by OiNk (England)

Prince by Belinda Keyte (Australia)

bien fait by byrd (Australia)

Hanami by ELLE48 (England)

Pointe of View by Benjam (USA)

Knife Owl by Nicholas Thomas John (Canada)

Young Bucks by sputNik (Australia)

Far from home by Lapin (Australia)

Polar Bear swim by David Grieves (Canada)

Moment by amorfart (Hungary)

HAHA by Shanta (Australia)

Urban Landscape by Tbird (Australia)

Countdown by Mr. Edwards (Australia)

Banksia Serrata by Julie Hickson (Australia)

Bettie by Sarita (Australia)

Peeace be upon you by Jenna YoNa Bloom (Australia)

Elephants by JOKady (Germany)

The Storm by Joel Hart (New Zealand)

Miradas Ingravidas by skmv (Germrany)

Do you see what I see by Jogo (South Korea)

Congratulations to each our finalists:

085c3n3, Australia
Afshid, Iran
Alexios Avlamis, Greece
amorfart, Hungary
Angus Comyns, Australia
Belinda Keyte, Australia
Benjam, USA
Blake Hopkins, USA
Brent Winstone, Australia
Brenton Mitchell, Australia
byrd, Australia
Camo, Australia
Campbell La Pun, Japan
Catherine McMillan, USA
CAZ.L, Germany
CRISP, Australia
CRS, Cyprus
David Grieves, Canada
David Soukup, USA
DCT46,  Spain
Dotmastors, UK
DRAHTFUNK, Australia
Elvira Yanushko, Russia
Fergie Stencils, Australia
Headache, Thailand
Hugo Gerez, Argentina
Jana & JS, Austria
Jenna YoNa Bloom, Australia
Joel Hart, New Zealand
Jogo, South Korea
JOKady, Germany
Julie Hickson, Australia
Just stencil the world, Germany
Justinas Zozo, Lithuania
Katherine Jukes, Australia
Kirpy, Australia
Lapin, Australia
Lloyd Wright, Australia
Mark Callaghan, Australia
Me Bes, Spain
MEZK, Mexico
Miss Meow, Australia
Mister Feeney, UK
Mousa Al Shammas, Syria
Moz, Italy
Mr. Edwards, Australia
Mue Bon, Thailand
Nev Sety, AUstralia
Nicholas Thomas John, Canada
OiNk, UK
OTC, Australia
PAWA, AUstralia
Raizes ( or Roots), Brazil
Rebel man★Army, Japan
Rehgan De Mather, Australia
Samuli Suonpera, Finland
Sarita, Australia
Shanta, Australia
skmv, Germany
sputNik, Australia
Stephen Quick, UK
Taki Myk, Poland
tbC, Australia
Tbird, Australia
vInk, Australia
Vivian Messimeris, Australia

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