2015 Stencil Art Prize Time Lapse Exhibition

This year 92 stencil finalists from 21 countries will be on display at the 2015 Stencil Art Prize Exhibition at aMBUSH Gallery at Central Park, The Living Mall, 16- 30 October in Sydney. Recognised as the largest stencil event in the world, the 2015 Stencil Art Prize takes the art of stencil making to a whole new level.

Now in its 7th year, the Stencil Art Prize features an incredible selection of stencil artworks on canvases, reclaimed and found objects including beer tins, surfboards, skateboards, collaged imagery, sculptural stencils, stencils that make audio noise and delicate materials such as paper. The exhibition will feature nearly every possible stencil making method, including hand-cut stencil arrangements, screen-printing, technologically assisted productions and collecting.

Countries represented in the 2015 Stencil Art Prize include Brazil, Japan, Cyprus, Turkey, Colombia, United Kingdom, Chile, Australia, Russia, U.S.A, France, Guatemala Scotland, Canada, Spain, Czech Republic, Thailand, Germany, Norway, Italy, Poland and The Netherlands.

Thanks to Beautiful Needs for the video.

The 2015 Finalists are:
1337, Australia; 085c3n3, Australia; 2Heads, Australia; 31n60, France; AbcArtAttack, USA; Ali, Australia; Andrea Olivieri, Italy; anghi, Australia; Angus Comyns, Australia; Belinda Keyte, Australia; Blake Hopkins, USA; blank, Australia; Brent Winstone, Australia; Brian DeLoncker, USA; CAMO, Australia; Campbell La Pun, Japan; Catman, England; CEN ONE, Germany; Cibalgina, Italy; CRS, Cyprus; Damien Mitchell, USA; sputNIK, Australia; Dave Lowell, USA; David Soukup, USA; DEAKZ, Australia; Drahtfunk, Australia; D…, Australia; eins92, Germany; El Kartoon, Russia; Elk Norsman, USA; ELKI, Scotland; Emptyboy, Colombia; Gibrian Foltz, USA; Grafeeney, England; Gökhan Civaş, Turkey; Headache, Thailand; Ignacio Inc, Chile; Jackson Farley, Australia; Jan Olav Forberg, Norway; Jay Hill, USA; Jen Byrne, Australia; Jenna YoNa Bloom, Australia; Jessica Mathews, USA; Joshua Smith, Australia; just stencil the world, Germany; KAMELOGANA, Germany; Katherine Jukes; Australia; Lapin, Australia; Leviathan crew, Czech republic; Locke Studios, USA; Logan Moody, Australia; Lone Wolf, Scotland; Losop, Australia; Luton Shelton, Italy; luv[Sic], Australia; Manofdarkness, Australia; Maria Harding, Australia; Mariestyle, Germany; Mark Callaghan, Australia; ME BES, Spain; Miss Meow, Australia; MONSTFUR, Poland; Mr Edwards, Australia; Muiteza, Brasil; Murk, The Netherlands; Nicholas Thomas John, Canada; Nina Slaager, The Netherlands; ninjatoker, England; Nufink, Australia; Opie, England; P0G0, England; Pando, Australia; PAWA, Australia; Peak, USA; RD-D2, Australia; REMO, Australia; RenNL, The Netherlands; RISE, USA; RMYR, Germany; Salvador Gomez, Spain; SCOTCH!, USA; Scunge, Australia; Shanta, Australia; Sifud, Brazil; Stencil King, The Netherlands; STEWY, England; TBIRD, Australia; Tiera Boo,T Australia; Tinku, Guatemala; Vink, Australia; Viza, France; Zennie McLoughlin, Australia.

The 2015 Stencil Art Prize Exhibition is free and open daily from noon to 8pm from 17 – 30 October on level three of Central Park, The Living Mall within aMBUSH Gallery’s exhibition space.

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