2016 Stencil Art Prize


The winner of the 2016 Stencil Art Prize will win a $5000 cash prize [Australian Dollars] and the winner and finalists will exhibit in Sydney this September.

The Exhibition will be hosted conjunction with the Sydney Fringe Festival in a newly activated festival space. The Sydney Fringe Festival is the largest independent arts festival in the state of NSW in Australia. All artworks, except for the winning work will be for sale at the exhibition.

Entries close on the 1 June 2016. Read more about how to enter here.

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  • Recognise and reward stencil artists
  • Provide recognition for stencil art as an artform in its own right
  • To foster creative connections between stencil artists from different countries and cultures
  • Archive stencil art




The Stencil Art Prize is the only large scale prize in the world that exists to recognise and reward stencil artists. The Prize originally began as the Australian Stencil Art Prize which ran as an Australian only prize from 2009 – 2012. In 2013, in response to mounting interest from international stencil artists, the organisers of the Australian Stencil Art Prize restructured and relaunched the art prize as the ‘Stencil Art Prize’.

The Stencil Art Prize is an acquisitive art prize, which means that the winning artwork is kept by the Stencil Art Prize.




2009 Inaugural Australian Stencil Art Prize
12- 26 November 2009
Exhibited at Oh Really Gallery, Newtown, Sydney Australia
Winner: Miss Link, Sydney, Australia

2010 Australian Stencil Art Prize
11 – 21 November 2010
Exhibited at Oh Really Gallery, Newtown, Sydney Australia
Winner: E.L.K, Canberra, Australia

2011 Australian Stencil Art Prize
4 November – 11 December 2011
Exhibited at Outpost Project, a street art festival attracting 80,000 visitors to Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour
Winner: 23rd Keys, Melbourne, Australia

2012 Australian Stencil Art Prize
21 November – 2 December 2012
Exhibited at Chrissie Cotter Gallery in Camperdown, Sydney Australia
Winner: Ralf Kempken, Melbourne, Australia

2013 – Stencil Art Prize
Australian Stencil Art Prize & World Stencil Prize
16 – 27 October 2013
Exhibition will be held at Chrissie Cotter Gallery in Camperdown, Sydney Australia
Australian Category Winner: Ralf Kempken, Melbourne, Australia
World Category Winner: David Soukup, Chicago, USA

2014 – Stencil Art Prize
16-19 October 2014
aMBUSH Gallery, Waterloo (Sydney, Australia)
Winner: 23rd Keys, Melbourne, Australia
Highly Commended: Tinky (Guatemala/Mexico), Monstfur (Poland), Tiera Boo (Australia)
MTN Australia ‘Best New Artist/Encouragement Award”: Mark Callaghan (Australia)

2015 – Stencil Art Prize
16-30 October 2015
aMBUSH Gallery, Central Park (Sydney, Australia)
Winner: Monstfur, Poland
Highly Commended: Tinku (Guatemala/Mexico), Tiera Boo (Australia), Losop (Australia)




The 2016 Team


Jacinta Fintan, Director
Jacinta is the founder and owner of this art prize. She has a background in community radio and worked on the start up of FBi Radio in Sydney for seven years and was a founding committee member of Sydney Roller Derby for two and a half years. Early in her career she cut her teeth on multi platform arts festivals as a digital producer. For six years she ran the National Student Film & Video Festival which toured  20 university campuses each year in Australia. Jacinta currently works in marketing in the film & entertainment industry.


Sophia Ruting, Co-ordinator 
Sophia is a Fine Arts Graduate who has helped run numerous exhibitions in commercial and contemporary galleries. She has worked in a number of fields in the Arts sector including gallery administration, marketing, website design and catalogue editing. As an artist herself, Sophia is focused on promoting new and existing artists to facilitate and exhibit their talents. She runs her own Colour Consulting business and currently works at an Aboriginal Art Gallery in Sydney.  


Chloe Dias, Digital Marketing Manager
Chloe has a degree in Film and TV studies and has over 10 years experience working as a project manager within charities, image / print production and IT sectors. Created two small businesses utilising social media marketing channels. Has a passion for vintage and furniture recycling, creatively transforming old pieces into something fresh and new.


Samuel Jaramillo, Designer
Sam is an illustrator and graphic designer with a big interest in digital and analogue techniques; his inspiration and style is fed by popular imagery found on media, and urban contemporary artists around the globe. He likes exploring different range of styles and is keen to challenge his perception with new colors, topics and compositions. Sam’s experience ranges from comic books to indoor and outdoor mural to branding design. You can follow him behance: samuel jaramillo, or at www.mofobozo.com

We have several volunteer positions currently open. Contact us if you would like to volunteer. 

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