2014 Stencil Art Prize Exhibition – Finalists Announced

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The 2014 Stencil Art Prize Exhibition will exhibit from 12noon – 4pm each day until Sunday 19 October  at aMBUSH Gallery in Sydney. The Gallery is located at 4 James Street, Waterloo (5min walk from Green Square Train Station).

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stencil art prize winner


Congratulations to Stencil artist Jessica Kease, otherwise known as 23rd Key, from Melbourne Australia has won the 2014 Stencil Art Prize with her portrait Duality of The Living End’s front man Chris Cheney (Pictured above left). 

Judging was incredibly hard and as a result the judges have awarded the first ever Highly Commendeds to Tinku (Guatemala/Mexico – above top right), Monstfur (Poland – above middle right) and Tiera Boo (Australia – pictured bottom left).

This year’s Exhibition features 65 stencil artists work from 18 countries (Germany, Iran, France, USA, Scotland, Canada, Netherlands, England, Argentina, Norway, Thailand, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Turkey, Poland, Czech Republic and Australia).


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Stencil Art Prize Exhibition


The 2014 Stencil Art Prize Finalists are:

All artworks are for sale online now  and during the Exhibition at aMBUSH Gallery, subscribe to our enewsletter for our monthly round up of international stencil news.

mr.R and papagiBs stencil
BIZZY stencil
23rd Key stencil
Brian DeLoncker stencil
RK stencil
Eins92 stencil
Kelly Sullivan stencil
Monstfur stencil
Bustart and zaira stencil
Jay Hill Stencil
Boo stencil
ManofDarkness stencil
OiNK stencil
Adam5100 stencil
Lone Wolf Visuals stencil
Gibrian Foltz stencil
Shanta stencil
2Heads Stencil
Fox stencil
Just stencil the world stencil
GUS stencil
Grafeeney stencil
EC stencil
E.L.K stencil Exhibition
AbcArtAttack stencil
Ben Rak stencil
Catman stencil
Fros stencil
Katherine Jukes stencil
Isaac Dana stencil
Jay Medlen stencil
Nafir stencil
CEN ONE stencil
Mark Callaghan stencil
Angus Comyns stencil
Headache stencil
LittleHawk stencil
EVRST stencil
Tinku Stencil
1337 stencil
Zalez stencil
Mathew Curran stencil
Campbell La Pun stencil
Neen stencil
Tommy Gurr stencil
Himed and Reyben Stencil
Camo stencil
Gail Butler stencil
Jenna Bloom stencil
byrd stencil
Andrea Olivieri stencil
Miss Meow stencil
Ann CAZ stencil
Gokhan Civas stencil
RDD2 stencil
TBird stencil
Mateo stencil
David Soukup stencil
Leviathan stencil
Eric Davison Gluyas stencil
DENIAL stencil
Tom Mills Art stencil
Drahtfunk stencil

Error 404 by mr.R & papagiBs [France]

Lady in Stripes by BIZZY [England]

Duality by 23rd Key [Australia]

Dallas Green by Brian DeLoncker [USA]

Kick by RK [Australia]

smile! by eins92 [Germany]

Ticky Tacky Little Boxes by Kelly Sullivan [Australia]

EXTRASTAINLESS2 by Monstfur [Poland]

Downtown by Bustart and Zaira [Netherlands]

Bomb by Jay Hill [USA]

Keith by sputNIK [Australia]

Love and a 45 by Boo [Australia]

Impermanence by Manofdarkness [Australia]

Dave, Lord of the Manor by OiNK [England]

Lemon by Adam5100 [USA]

Auld Bill by Lone Wolf Studios [Scotland]

Anima by Gibrian Foltz [USA]

Eye for an Elephant by Shanta [Australia]

Huxley by 2HEADS [Australia]

Northern Star by Fox [Germany]

untouched - used - wasted by just stencil the world [Germany]

San Salvador by GUS [Argentina]

After the storm - love lost to the sea by grafeeney [England]

Need by EC [Australia]

Trickle Down Effect by E.L.K [Australia]

Norma Jean by AbcArtAttack [USA]

Uninterrupted Harbour Views (Bar-coded view from 38 Angelo St, North Sydney) by Ben Rak [Australia]

Madiba by Catman [England]

Beast in the snow by Fros [England]

Dream Big by Katherine Jukes [Australia]

Life Rolls On by Isaac Dana [USA]

SOLITUDE by Jay Medlen [Australia]

Leaving like a butterfly by Nafir [Iran]

Death is not the End by CEN ONE [Germany]

Vanessa by Mark Callaghan [Australia]

Be Free by Angus Comyns [Australia]

Chicken Soldier by Headache [Thailand]

Star and Shadow Dancer by LittleHawk [Australia]

Land of the Free by EVRST [Australia]

La espera by Tinku [Mexico]

Creature Feature by 1337 [Australia]

Jeans by Zalez [France]

Resting Place by Mathew Curran [USA]

Splish Mash Kiss Catch by Campbell La Pun [Japan]

Abbott's Web by Neen [Australia]

London Riots Aftermath by Tommy Gurr [England]

Cut Control by Himed & Reyben [Mexico]

Freedom by Camo [Australia]

Algerian twins in sunset by Gail Butler [Australia]

I will do anything by Jenna Bloom [Australia]

arbitrary cryptogrammatical dogmata by byrd [Australia]

Portrait by Andrea Olivieri [Italy]

The Wrong Fit by Miss Meow [Australia]

∞ of Evolution #1 by Ann CAZ.L [Germany]

Gagarin by Gökhan Civaş [Turkey]

Geomedream by RD-D2 [Australia]

I still remember Spencer Street Station by TBird [Australia]

Soy el simbolo de la pasion by Mateo [France]

Convergence No.2 by David Soukup [United States]

Storm by Leviathan [Czech Republic]

Mickey Strikes Back by Eric Davidson Gluyas [Australia]

American Anarchy by DENIAL [Canada]

Fresh-piece boogie by Tom Mills Art [Australia]

Sub-Zero & Scorpion / Diptych by Drahtfunk [Australia]

2HEADS, Australia
1337, Australia
23rd Key, Australia – WINNER
AbcArtAttack, USA
Adam5100FeiBelman, USA
Andrea Olivieri, Italy
Angus Comyns, Australia
Ann CAZ.L, Germany
Ben Rak, Australia
BIZZY, England
Tiera Boo, Australia – HIGHLY COMMENDED
Brian DeLoncker, USA
Bustart and Zaira, Netherlands
byrd, Australia
Camo, Australia
Campbell La Pun, Japan
Catman, England
CEN ONE, Germany
CFS, Norway
David Soukup, USA
DENIAL, Canada
Drahtfunk, Australia
E.L.K, Australia
EC, Australia
eins92, Germany
Eric Davidson Gluyas, Australia
EVRST, Australia
Fox, Germany
Fros, England
Gail Butler, Australia
Gibrian Foltz, USA
Gökhan Civaş, Turkey
Grafeeney, England
GUS, Argentina
Headache, Thailand
Himed & Reyben, Mexico
Isaac Dana, USA
Jay Hill, USA
Jay Medlen, Australia
Jenna Bloom, Australia
just stencil the world, Germany
Katherine Jukes, Australia
Kelly Sullivan, Australia
Leviathan, Czech Republic
LittleHawk, Australia
Lone Wolf Visuals, Scotland
Manofdarkness, Australia
Mark Callaghan, Australia
Mateo, France
Mathew Curran, USA
Miss Meow, Australia
Monstfur, Poland – HIGHLY COMMENDED
mr.R & papagiBs, France
Nafir, Iran
Neen, Australia
OiNK, England
RD-D2, Australia
RK, Australia
Shanta, Australia
sputNIK, Australia
TBird, Australia
TinkuGuatemalan/Mexico – HIGHLY COMMENDED
Tom Mills Art, Australia
Tommy Gurr, England
Zalez, France

2014 Stencil Art Prize Judges

Simone Sheridan
Simone graduated from Fine Art at the University of Newcastle (Australia), majoring in Printmaking. As well as pursuing her own practice, Simone founded Street Art Walking in 2011. The project has its roots in creative placemaking, and has seen over 20 site-specific street art interventions across the city, ranging from traditional murals to legal flypostering. This work has been written about across the world, and has seen Simone invited to join the Project for Public Spaces Placemaking Leadership Council. She attended the organisation’s inaugural meeting with over 200 placemakers from across the globe in Detroit, Michigan. Alongside Street Art Walking, Simone has acted as consultant for This Is Not Art Festival, the Create Innovate Gosford City Project and Hunter Development Corporation. She is a keen advocate for the arts and placemaking, but is particularly interested in building meaningful collaborations between artists and businesses. Simone is experienced in project management, creative marketing, event management and project creation. She is an experienced speaker on placemaking, public art and street art.

Poncho Army
Poncho Army has been a Stencil Art Prize finalist for the past 5 years. Her current work combines illustration, stencil art and water-based screen prints.  As well as creating and exhibiting her own artworks, she books regular art shows for Bitter Phew in Sydney. Poncho Army owns and operates Anchors Aweigh Art Studio, an urban and contemporary workshop space, design house and art/graff supply store in Wollongong, Australia.

Eddie Zammit

Eddie Zammit is the founder of T-World which is the only printed journal dedicated to T-shirt culture globally. He carries with him almost twenty years of education and experience in the creative industry. Having presided as a partner and Creative Director of his own former design agency for thirteen years, Eddie estimates the number of magazines he has art directed to be 500+. He works between Melbourne, New York and Sydney exercising his aptitude and passion for art direction and curation – to help, for the most part, move the T-shirt culture forward. He has curated a number of high profile exhibitions, including for Sesame Street titled ‘Brought to you by the letter T’ (2010), ‘NEXT: The future of T-shirt graphics’ (2011) and ‘TEES: Exposing Melbourne’s T-shirt culture’ (2012/13) for the National Gallery of Victoria.

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