Stencil Art Prize – Entries Now Open

The winner of the Stencil Art Prize will receive a $3000 cash prize (Australian Dollars). Entries are now open and you can enter via email, entry costs $25 for each entry. The deadline for entries is the 1 August 2014. Anyone can enter. Finalists and the winning artwork will exhibit in Sydney at aMBUSH Gallery from the 16-19 October.

Stencil Art Prize

MTN Australia have joined forces with us to create an additional prize – BEST NEW ARTIST / ENCOURAGEMENT AWARD with a $500 voucher for MTN Australia products, which will be awarded to one of the finalists on opening night.

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About Us

The Stencil Art Prize is the only large scale prize in the world that exists to recognise and reward stencil artists. The Prize originally began as the Australian Stencil Art Prize which ran as an Australian only prize from 2009 – 2012. In 2013, in response to mounting interest from international stencil artists, the organisers of the Australian Stencil Art Prize restructured and relaunched the art prize as the ‘Stencil Art Prize’.

The Stencil Art Prize is an acquisitive art prize, which means that the winning artwork is kept by the Stencil Art Prize.

Previous Winners

We’ve had a wide variety of artist with different stencil styles win this art prize!

2009, Miss Link
Miss Link took out the inaugural prize with her artwork ‘Nesting’ using aerosol on canvas. Her dark and beautiful artwork featured a girl with wings sitting on a prickly nest looking behind her.

2010, E.L.K (Luke Cornish)
With his incredible technical skill, E.L.K won the judges over with his photorealist stencil of ‘Saul Williams’.

2011, 23rd Key
23rd Key’s ‘Game Face’ impressed the judges with her portrait of roller derby legend, Kittie Von Krusher.

2012, Ralf Kempken
Ralf Kempken’s incredible 3D optical illusion stencil cut outs have been a crowd favourite every year. You have to see them in the flesh to believe them.

2013, David Soukup and Ralf Kempken
David Soukup’s detailed fire escape landscapes  stole the judges hearts and was the first international artist to receive this prize. In 2013, we trialled having two different categories – World and Australian. Ralf Kempken picked up the Australian title. This year we’re streamlining things and there’ll be just one person taking out 1st place.


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