Stencil Art Prize – Entries Now Open

2017 Entries Now Open

Entries for the 2017 Stencil Art Prize are now open.

Early Bird Offer* – 2 entries for price of 1 – Valid until 30 April 2017


* Entry costs $35 AUD per artwork
* $5000 Cash Prize
* Enter via email
* Entries close 6 June 2017


*Early bird offer is only valid for entrants who have not previously been a finalist.



2016 Stencil Art Prize Touring Exhibition – Buy Artworks Here

Exhibiting at Flinders University City Gallery, Adelaide, South Australia
From 11 February to 9 April 2017

Showcasing over 80 Australian and International artists, the 2016 Stencil Art Prize is the world’s largest annual stencil art event. Influenced by the ephemeral nature of street art, these stencil-based works blend pop-culture imagery and global politics to highlight the growing concerns of a social engaged generation of artists. This is the first time the Stencil Art Prize has toured the exhibition, visit Flinders University City Gallery here for more information about the Adelaide Exhibition.

Countries exhibiting in the 2016 Stencil Art Prize include Argentina, Australia, Canada, Colombia, Czech Republic, England, Finland, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Spain, Thailand, The Netherlands, Turkey and the United States.

Congratulations to Tinku from Guatemala who won the 2016 Stencil Art Prize.
Tributo by Tinku



Congratulations to each of our 2016 finalists:

Angus Comyns stencil
VIZA stencil
Pogo stencil
Taki Myk stencil
Lambros stencil
Jussi-TwoSeven stencil
David Soukup stencil
Ralf-Kempken stencil
joshua smith stencil
CRS stencil
Mark Callaghan stencil
LuvSic stencil
Luton Shelton stencil
Tinku stencil
katherine jukes stencil
Lloyd-Wright stencil
Elvira-Yanushko stencil
Leviathan Crew stencil
James Bourbon stencil
Logan Moody stencil
Maseu stencil
Ninapaintina stencil
RDD2 stencil
Headache stencil
CAMO stencil
PAWA stencil
blank stencil
Joey Jeremiah stencil
CHILL stencil
CRISP stencil
In-The-Permiter stencil
DCT46 stencil
Ebenholz.STNCL stencil
Art and Dharma stencil
LaT'Ash stencil
Nicholas Thomas John stencil
Mod-Cardenas stencil
SaleArt stencil
Mr. Prvrt stencil
Mr.-Prvrt stencil
ELKEMI stencil
Rook-Rem Stencil
Opie stencil
Vink stencil
085c3n3 stencil
Xayobox stencil
K024K stencil
TBIRD Stencil
RenNL stencil
Tiera-BOO stencil
Isaac-Treblico stencil
El-Kartoon stencil
LAPIN stencil
The-Massive stencil
Gökhan-Civaş stencil
Keemo stencil
mister fenney stencil
Cawamo stencil
Red stencil
Unify stencil
Marco-Moll stencil
R-Nuage stencil
ann-CAZ.L stencil
GUS stencil
Campbell-La-Pun stencil
syke stencil
cawamo stencil
Roc-Blackblock stencil
Brent Winstone stencil
thirty60 stencil
Scunge stencil
CTRL art stencil
ME BES stencil
Gambol stencil
Shanta stencil
Shanta stencil
sputNIK stencil
Pablo Ursa stencil
31n60 stencil
MEZK stencils
Carly Cornelisson stencil
LBO stencil

Wow by Angus Comyns (Australia)

Kiss of Death by VIZA (France)

Daisy by p0g0 (England)

Apple Apocalypse by Taki Myk (Poland)

Intro by Lambros (USA)

ROARRR!!! -triptych by Jussi TwoSeven (Finland)

Reconstruction by David Soukup (USA)

Perception Radiates Out From Within by Ralf Kempken (Australia)

Tsunami Hee Ja by Joshua Smith (Australia)

Jesus the Refugee Child by CRS (Cyprus)

Vanessa by Mark Callaghan (Australia)


Ether by Luv[Sic] (Australia)

Vesper by Luton Shelton (Italy)

Tributo by Tinku (Guatemala)

Phayathai Road by Katherine Jukes (Australia)

The Solitude by Llyod Wright (Australia)

Nature & Femininity by Elvira Yanushko (Russia)

Train dream by Leviathan crew (Czech republic)

Capitalistic Spies by James Bourbon (Australia)

Barbershop by Logan Moody (Australia)

Release The Beast by MASEU (England)

Blow away by Ninapaintina (The Netherlands)

No. 44 by RDD2 (Australia)

Peace Wall by Headache (Thailand)

Insearch by Camo (Australia)

MINTED by PAWA (Australia)

Untitled by blank (Australia)

Zen and the Art of Machine Gun Maintenance by Joey Jeramiah (Australia)

Fill your mind with pink by Chill (Italy)

Incy Wincy by CRISP (Colombia)

Friends Forever by In The Perimeter (USA)

Grandpa? by DCT46 (Spain)

forrest mood by Ebenholz.STNCL (Germany)

Memory, depth, clarity. by Art & Dharma (Australia)

Grace by La T'Ash (The Netherlands)

Where Mist Meets Light Clouds Cover Imperfections by Nicholas Thomas John (Canada)

Untitled by Mod Cardenas (Guatemala)

The last dancer by Sale Art (Australia)

Daybreak by Mr. Prvrt (USA)

Twilight by Mr. Prvrt (USA)

Hope by ELKEMI (Italy)

A Pilgrim Admiring Skull Falls by Rook Rem (Australia)

Erode by Opie (England)

YOU CAN SUCK IT (two) by vInk (Aus)

M0N5T3R MAK3R by 085c3n3 (Austalia)

These eyes will follow you! by Xayobox (India)

Kamba by K024K (Czech Republic)

Just Do It: Central Park by TBIRD (Australia)


Jimmy on tour by Ren NL (Netherlands)

Keep your 'lectric eyes on me babe (totem for a starman) by Tiera BOO (Australia)

Just like eyes by NOTNOTCAMSCOTT (Australia)

Marian Wolfe by Isaac Trebilco (New Zealand)

Politically incorrect by El Kartoon (Russia)

Exploration or Imagination by LAPIN (Australia)

Plane & Simple by The Massive (Australia)

George Harrison by Gökhan Civas (Turkey)

Let go of my Legos by Keemo (USA)

Zina by Mister Feeney (United Kingdom)

Introspection by CAWAMO (Mexico)

Green hope by Red (Italy)

H.M.S. Immigration by Unify (England)

UNO OCHO SIETE by Marco Moll (Germany)

Thousands of happy birds and hopeful flowers behind the nightmare forest by R. Nuage (France)

Butoh In The Gloom by ann CAZ.L (Germany)

76 Malena by Gus (Argentina)

Never Enough by Campbell La Pun (Japan)

Era by Syke (Australia)


Lost Childhood by Roc Blackblock (Spain)

Fishing by Brent Winstone (Australia)

Lars by thirty60 (Australia)

Gate to the Empire by Scunge (Australia)

Riot CTRL by CTRLart (USA)


Riding on the Shoulders of Giants by Gembol (New Zealand)

Koala Cuts by Shanta (Australia)

Kangaroo Cuts by Shanta (Australia)

Love is skin deep by DRAHTFUNK (Australia)

Trike by sputNIK (Australia)

on the bottom level by just stencil the world (Germany)

3-Rex by Pablo Ursua (Spain)

Waves Skull by 31n60 (France)

Frida by MEZK (Mexico)

Birds out by Carley Cornelissen (Australia

Curls by LBO (France)

085c3n3, Austalia
31n60, France
Angus Comyns, Australia
ann CAZ.L, Germany
Art & Dharma, Australia
blank, Australia
Brent Winstone, Australia
Camo, Australia
Campbell La Pun, Japan
Carley Cornelissen, Australia
CAWAMO, Mexico
Chill, Italy
CRISP, Colombia
CRS, Cyprus
David Soukup, USA
DCT46, Spain
DRAHTFUNK, Australia
Ebenholz.STNCL, Germany
El Kartoon, Russia
Elvira Yanushko, Russia
Gembol, New Zealand
Gökhan Civas, Turkey
Gus, Argentina
Headache, Thailand
Isaac Trebilco, New Zealand
James Bourbon, Australia
Joey Jeramiah, Australia
Joshua Smith, Australia
Jussi TwoSeven, Finland
just stencil the world, Germany
K024K, Czech Republic
Katherine Jukes, Australia
Keemo, USA
La T’Ash, Netherlands
Lambros, USA
LAPIN, Australia
LBO, France
Leviathan Crew, Czech republic
Lloyd Wright, Australia
Logan Moody, Australia
Luton Shelton, Italy
Luv[Sic], Australia
Marco Moll, Germany
Mark Callaghan, Australia
MASEU, Poland
ME BES, Spain
MEZK, Mexico
Mister Feeney, England
Mod Cardenas, Guatemala
Mr. Prvrt, United States
Nicholas Thomas John, Canada
Ninapaintina, The Netherlands
Opie, England
P0G0, England
Pablo Ursua, Spain
PAWA, Australia
R. Nuage, France
Ralf Kempken, Australia
RDD2, Australia
Red, Italy
Ren NL, The Netherlands
Roc Blackblock, Spain
Rook Rem, Australia
Sale Art, Australia
Scunge, Australia
Shanta, Australia
sputNIK, Australia
Syke, Australia
Taki Myk, Poland
TBIRD, Australia
The Massive, Australia
thirty60, Australia
Tiera Boo, Australia
Tinku, Guatemala
Unify, England
vInk, Australia
VIZA, France
Xayobox, India



The Stencil Art Prize is the largest stencil event in the world. It began in 2009 and was then known as the Australian Stencil Art Prize which accepted stencils from Australian artists only. In 2013 it expanded to accept international entries in response to mounting interest from stencil artists around the globe. The prize exhibits shortlisted finalists in Sydney each year and aims to recognise and reward stencil artists. It is an acquisitive art prize. Read more here.

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